Seeing is believing

It started as a routine trip to the Detroit Wayne Metropolitan Airport. It turned into a thirteen hour long fiasco. If you live in Michigan you know a few things. You know that in the winter months, roads are bad, traffic is slow, and people drive like morons. January 8th, 2014 was no exception. A terrible storm had drivers cruising at 25mph on the freeway, and hundreds of accidents had traffic backed up for miles.

I left the Coach’s Eye Bullpen at 6 am for a 9:40 am flight. I remember thinking, “3 hours and 40 minutes should be enough time to get a coffee and sit at the gate, even in these conditions.”

As you can imagine this didn’t happen. I missed my first flight because I didn’t arrive to the airport until 10am.  “No biggie”. I rebooked, 1:35 pm out of Detroit into Hartford Connecticut for the World Baseball Coaches Convention. The layover in Philadelphia added a little time, but I was scheduled to arrive by 4:45 pm.

After even more delays, I finally arrived in Connecticut at 7 pm. We retrieved our bags and jumped into what turned out to be the best cab ride I’ve had in a long time. Positive turn around!

The world baseball coaches convention is held at the stunning Mohegan Sun Resort. Jay Park, our astute driver, gave us the ins and outs of the resort. From dinning at the Michael Jordan steakhouse to the Jay-Z  concert next week. The man was a guru of taxi driving.

On top of that, Jay whipped out his Galaxy Note 3 and starts chatting baseball with us. Shin-Soo Choo is his favorite player and we talk about how his talents. We give him the elevator pitch on Coach’s Eye and what it can do for players from amateur to pro. Like most, he’s not initially impressed. Back to talking about free agency and how the Reds lost a lot of good men out there.

We arrive at the Mohegan Sun and thank Jay for the great drive. Schedule a pick up time for when the event concludes. “See you Saturday”.

The WBCC was a sight for sore eyes. Top college coaches, pros, and big vendors. Rawlings, Louisville Slugger all the big names. As we watched each session release, the masses came to the Coach’s Eye booth raving about how it has changed the way they coach.

This was a remarkable feeling.

Hours of feature requests and feedback had us feeling some type of way. We can not be more proud to serve our customers. Each interaction brought us closer to the reason we put our blood and sweat into Coach’s Eye.

Fast forward to the end of the weekend. I jump in the cab at 4:43 am on the dot. First question Jay Park asks me is,

“how do you guys make money?”

“What?” I say

I was discombobulated, dazed and confused that early in the morning.

“Coach’s Eye, how do you make money?”

We get this question almost every time we talk to a new customer. The answer is simple, here’s what I said.

“When you truly believe in what you’re doing. To the core. We are changing the way that sport is taught, consumed, and watched. Our customers let us know when we’re doing something wrong. We’ve implemented a store that allows people to buy premium content, and eventually pro content. We have much bigger plans. As long as we have the same type of people supporting us that we’ve met over the weekend, we’ll be alright.”

Philosophy aside, every single person on the Coach’s Eye team believes this. We’re here to stay and we’re going big. We don’t go home.

Thanks for all your support!

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