What’s going on Coach’s Eye faithful? We are starting to get pretty excited here in the bullpen, aka the Coach’s Eye office. You can probably feel the excitement too, we are sure the earth will shake when we drop the hammer in the next couple months. For now, we’ll give you a little teaser of whats coming. This week in the blog we are highlighting our Staff Picks. What’s a Staff Pick? Glad you asked.

A while back we started featuring the best videos publicly shared on our map. You can find them on the explore tab in the Coach’s Eye app, or in the Explore tab at coachseye.com. All you have to do is share the video in Coach’s Eye and make sure it is public (take a look at editing privacy here) and your video will appear on the map. Why is this cool? First, you have the chance of being featured for the whole world to see. Second, your video will rack up the views like never before. Lastly, and this is the BIG ONE, your video will have a permanent badge that says you were featured in the Staff Picks. How cool is that? Take a look below at a badged video.

FootballSP copy2

We will also have badges for videos that make it to the top 10 on the Leaderboard. Take a look below, this video made it into the Staff Picks and the Leaderboard. Double Badge!

Leaderboard copy

Don’t worry, the badge disappears once you play the video, so everyone will still be able to see it in all its glory! You will see this active at coachseye.com in the coming week. Stay tuned for some more sneak peeks coming soon. Thanks for all your support! Get Better, Faster.