Video technology gives team members Patrick Deneen, Billy Demong and Heather Richardson an edge as part of daily training as they prepare for Sochi

The 2014 Winter Olympic Games are just around the corner, and the World’s biggest stage is being set. Team Coach’s Eye members Patrick Deneen, Billy Demong and Heather Richardson were officially named to Team USA on Jan. 27, though the work is not over for these athletes. As they make their final preparations to take on the world this February in Sochi, Russia, Team Coach’s Eye will continue to use leading video technology, TechSmith’s Coach’s Eye.

Team Coach’s Eye consists of world-class athletes that have leveraged the Coach’s Eye app as an invaluable training aide for their sport. The team includes:

Patrick Deneen – Freestyle Skier – 2014 and 2010 Olympian and World Champion

Billy Demong – Nordic Combined – 2014 Olympian, 2010 Olympic Gold Medalist, World Cup Champion

Heather Richardson – Speedskating   – 2014, 2010 Olympian and 2013 Sprint World Champion

Team Coach’s Eye has utilized the mobile app over the past few months during training to gain an edge over their competition and will continue to do so in practice runs leading to Sochi. Coach’s Eye provides on-the-spot video analysis that allows athletes and coaches to instantly record and analyze video right on their mobile device. This level of accessibility amplifies learning by enabling instant review of key moments with precise video scrubbing and slow-motion video playback.



“Coach’s Eye allows me to provide vital instruction to Heather on the ice, which makes for increased efficiency and effectiveness of her workouts,” said Ryan Shimbukoro, Heather Richardson’s Coach.




Coach’s Eye expands on traditional training methods as well. The app creates video analysis that can be distributed in a variety of ways, coaches can share feedback directly with an athlete or make it publicly available for team members to view. Coaches can also simplify remote training by importing other Coach’s Eye videos with the tap of a button.



“Coach’s Eye is used by most, if not all, freestyle skiing coaches at the World Cup level. It has truly changed the way I work with my coach,” said Patrick Deenen. “This is a big change from the way we trained for Vancouver. We are using Coach’s Eye all day, every day.”


Simple and powerful, Coach’s Eye is the number one tool athletes need to perform at the highest level. Stay tuned for more to come from Coach’s Eye and the Coach’s Eye Team.


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