As promised, another look at what is coming in Coach’s Eye. We are pumped to show off some of the great new features. Last week we showed off the new look of the flywheel and camera capture button. Below you will find a couple changes that will be coming soon.

The record button got a make over. Now when you’re analyzing your videos and providing a critique, you’ll know right where to go. It really jumps out at you!

Record Button copy

Another thing we changed was our video menu. We’ve listened to your feedback and it is now easier to rename videos. Notice the new “rename” tab. The great thing about naming your videos is that if you make it to the Staff Picks or Leaderboard, people will know what skill your showing off or who you are. It’s a little embarrassing just seeing the date below the video :)

Blur5img copy

As always, thanks for your support! Stay tuned, next week we’ll have some more features for you!

Last weeks Sneak Peek

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