We are putting together some sneak peeks over the coming weeks. Last week we showed you our new badges for our Staff Picks and Leaderboard videos. The badges are now live at www.coachseye.com. To recap, any video that is featured as a Staff Pick or makes it to the top 10 on the Leaderboard, the video earns a permanent badge. Now everyone will know you’re the best of the best.

This week we are giving you a peek at the new design. Keep in mind the design is not final, but the layout will be more user friendly and there will be some great new features coming. Feel free to speculate and let us know what you think at our Facebook Page, or send us a Tweet.

You can even take a look at some more screen shots on our Instagram! Tap the badge below!


Take a look below.

New action menu.

Main Menu

Flywheel looking sharp!

Flywheel locked

We’ll be showing off more in the coming weeks. Thanks for your support! We are looking forward to getting some new features in your hands. Get Better, Faster!

Remember you can always provide feedback! Like us on Facebook follow us on Twitter and get a look inside Coach’s Eye on our Instragram