InstantReplay is an App that is also made by the Coach’s Eye team. You record an event from one or more angles using iOS or Android devices. The video is then immediately delivered to one or more mobile devices. A popular use case is during a football game, one person is recording from the press box for a wide, top-down view. Another is filming from the end zone. Each recorded play is delivered to the offensive or defensive coach, so they can immediately identify and adapt to what’s happening on the field.


InstantReplay is also useful in other sports that have quick plays or events such as batting practice, diving, volleyball, and weightlifting.

One nice thing is that now InstantReplay can send clips to Coach’s Eye for analysis and sharing.

Here’s how the workflow works in the batting cage for example:

The coach(es) can’t be everywhere at once, but luckily you have a cage set up where either an iPad is on a tripod or maybe it’s being manned by another athlete. The hitter steps into the cage. Start the recording. They swing at 5 or 10 balls. When they are done, stop the recording. The video is instantly sent to one or more coach’s devices. It might be that the coach can watch them as they come in, looking for anything major, but it’s more likely they’ll scrub through them really quickly later. Let’s say out of 15 hitters, there are three that the coach really wants to point some things out, and follow up with the athlete later. The coach can send those three videos to Coach’s Eye for analysis and sharing.

To send a video from InstantReplay to Coach’s Eye:

  1. Open the InstantReplay app.
  2. Tap on any video within a Session to open that specific Session.
  3. Tap on a specific video to open it in playback mode.
  4. Favorite the video by tapping the Star icon.
  5. Tap Done to return to the Session.
    (*Please Note: You do not need to Favorite a video to send it to Coach’s Eye. Steps 3-5 are optional.)
  6. Press and hold the video thumbnail.
  7. Tap Share. A list of sharing destinations appears.
  8. Choose Copy to Coach’s Eye.
  9. Repeat as necessary for all video clips you want to send to Coach’s Eye.

View full tutorial here.


InstantReplay is included in our top package, Coach’s Eye All Access. This costs $500 per year and includes our TEAMS offering and more. Learn more here.