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Fall is now in full swing, which means it is the time of year when college football has reached the point where players need to grind it out week after week. The unfortunate side of this grind is that injuries will start to happen more often, with some being more severe than others. In the end, the big question becomes; when can the player play next? The logical follow-up question should be; how do you know they are ready? Enter Chad Pearson, Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach for the University of Minnesota football program.

Chad Pearson is the Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach for the University of Minnesota football program. We had a chance to chat with Chad about his responsibilities and how Coach’s Eye has quickly made its way into the Golden Gopher weight room.

Fully Recovering From Football Injuries

Using the mobile app mostly in junction with the rehabilitation of injured players, Pearson films the movement to make sure that the athletes are using correct lifting form to ensure a safe and quick recovery.

With one football player recovering from a recent ACL surgery, Chad uses Coach’s Eye to film him in the weight room to allow the player to visualize his technique. “I noticed that there was a slight shift toward his good leg,” said Chad. “He couldn’t feel it. But once I filmed a set and showed him drawing lines of where his leg is versus where it needed to be, he saw the shift.”

Another injured Minnesota football player got some visual therapy from the app as well. “When he ran, he was dragging his leg without cycling it through,” said Chad. “After filming his running form, we put it in slow-motion and could critique his technique. He thought that he was doing it correctly- until he saw it. With on-the-spot analysis, he was able to fix it.”

Football is fast-paced and complex in that every angle, release and leverage point is critical. If a small adjustment needs to be made, coaches don’t want to spend valuable time trying to communicate this to their players if they are able to just show them instantly. “The previous analysis tools we were using were extremely unhandy,” said Pearson. “We would have to get the computer set-up, transfer it in, and dig through the footage to find what we were looking for.”

What Chad likes most about Coach’s Eye is its simplicity. “It’s what makes it convenient,” said Chad. “When I have 40 athletes in one setting trying to get through all that needs to be done, we can quickly correct things and move on to the next one. Its immediacy is what makes it so valuable.”

More About Chad Pearson:

Chad Pearson came to the University of Minnesota after two years as an Assistant Sports Performance Coach at Northern Illinois University. Chad is a certified strength and conditioning specialist through the NSCA and also a member of USAW as a USAW Sports Performance Coach. He is also an international level Brazilian Jiu Jitsu competitor.

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