Physical Education has been a long neglected element of the classical education. For years, here in the US at least, it has been shunted aside as administrators and politicians increasingly push an emphasis on STEM courses and performance. PE was anathema even as waistlines and health care costs exploded. So stale is our perception of PE that it is likely the last educational frontier you would expect to see being reshaped by the digital revolution. And yet, that is exactly what is happening. A new breed of PE educators is emerging, bent on grabbing the attention and keeping the engagement of students through the use of web and mobile devices / applications.

Here on the Coach’s Eye team we’ve been thrilled to become aware of these efforts and interact online with some of these PE pioneers. Their story is one we didn’t expect to find when we built Coach’s Eye, but having discovered and been inspired by them we are determined to embrace and broadcast their narrative.

Today, I’d like to point out the work of Mark Bulmer, a PE teacher at Rosset School, Harrogate, North Yorkshire, UK. Mark is a digitally savvy educator who is aggressively incorporating web and mobile technology into his class regimen. The best part is that Mark is using technology to engage and reach his students in ways that extend beyond their face-to-face interactions, making them active participants rather than passive receivers.

As a mobile instant video analysis tool that is both inexpensive and easy to use we’re lucky to have been discovered by Mark and been incorporated into his teaching regimen. To be sure, our app isn’t the primary educational driver, Mark Bulmer is, but we’re still proud to provide a small assist to his efforts. Mr. Bulmer has also been gracious enough to write a blog post about how he uses Coach’s Eye and Dropbox to make on-the-field videos immediately available for analysis by all the students in his classroom.

He also posted a video he made that shows how Coach’s Eye can be used to review various PE activities. It’s definitely awesome to see our app being put through its paces, but we were just as excited to see him using Twitter hashtags in this video as a means for students to collaborate with him and each other inside and outside of school. Here’s to hoping Mark and other pioneers are able to restore PE to its deserved position in the classical education canon.

Check out our full interview with Mark Bulmer here!

If you want more information you can contact the following Rosset instructors:

Mrs Bonsel’s – (Course Leader) – @MrsBonselsPE

Mr Bulmer – (Course Teacher) – @MrBulmerPE

Miss Rowe – (Course Teacher) – @wizzywoop

Or you can ask a question using the hashtag #rossetgcsepe