Top 10 NBA Finals Moments

NBAFinalsHatThe 2013 NBA Finals are upon us. Your team may be in the playoffs or may not, but one thing is certain, you will never see these athletes play harder. A championship in any sport is a big deal, but there is something about watching ankle breaking crossovers and high flying dunks that inspire us. Watching LeBron soar over opponents or Durant from the three, is like watching a symphony, everything is in perfect harmony. However, there were others before them that displayed the ease of the game. Let’s take a look at the top ten NBA Finals moments.

10. Houston Rockets 1995 Finals Game 1

A tip in at the last second wins the first game of the 1995 NBA Finals (minute 4:07 in video below)

9. Avery Johnson NBA Finals 1999 Game 5

Avery Johnson hits the game winning shot from the corner to win the championship

8. Robert Horry NBA Finals 2005 Game 5

Robert Horry strokes every shot and leads the Spurs to victory

7. Dr J NBA Finals 1980 Game 4

Dr J makes a physics defying move under the basket

6. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar NBA Finals 1976 Game 6

Kareem Abdul Jabar makes a 20 foot Skyhook from the corner to win the game (minute 6:35)

5. Michael Jordan NBA Finals 1992

Micheal Jordan hits numerous three’s throughout the game. Shrugging like he can’t figure out how he does it.

4. Pistons NBA Finals 2004

The entire run of the 2004 Detroit Pistons. Beating the favored Lakers.

3. Jerry West NBA Finals 1970 Game 3

Jerry West drains a deep ball to send the game into overtime. In the era of no 3 point line, today it would have won the game.

2. Michael Jordan NBA Finals 1997

Known as the “Flu Game” Micheal Jordan played through is sickness to win the game

1. Michael Jordan NBA Finals 1998

Michael Jordan hits the game winning shot to win the Championship. Enough Said.

Watching talent like this is always inspiring. Let us know who you think will win the 2013 NBA Finals on our Facebook Page.  We strive every day to help athletes get better in their respective sport and we hope to one day see you in the top 10!

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