You may be wondering what all the hype is about with iOS 8, the iPhone 6, and iPhone 6+. If you’re a Coach’s Eye customer, you’re also likely wondering what these devices can do for the wide world of sports. So let’s start by arming you with some knowledge about the most advanced devices to date. You’re entering the No Spin Zone….just kidding, that’s ridiculous. Here we go.

iOS 8

It’s Apple’s “Biggest iOS release ever!”, which is evident by the more than 5 GB of storage your device needs to update to the new operating system if you’re on an older device (5S and earlier). Storage requirement’s aside, here is the down and dirty on what iOS 8 brings to you.

Emphasis on creators –  The Photos app now boasts even more editing features to add a unique style to your everyday photography or the dreaded selfie. If you’re a Coach’s Eye customer you may be familiar with the “Gelfie”. These new tools make customization, organization and management easier and more fun. Pop culture slang is underrated.

Text Messages are no longer text messages – With the new messaging app you can now record a voice message. Is this the new way to communicate? We think there may be some validity in it. Anyhow, seems to be a very fresh new way to send through the messages app.

Shortcuts Galore – With even more ways to multi-task, iOS provides some new ways to get things done. Namely, interactive notifications and recently interacted contacts. Mainly these features allow you to stay in the app you’re using without jumping in and out constantly.

Get healthy…er…healthier. – The new Health app is the mobile activity monitor for your day to day life. Talk about some wicked technology. Heart rate monitor, body measurements, nutrition, sleep, vitals, all of the health things all in one! We’ll see how this plays out, but there are sure to be some very cool apps that come from this.

iPhone 6+

The iPhone 6+ is like Texas. Bigger, hugely better, bigger than big. At least that’s what Apple’s advertisements for their latest iPhone’s are saying. Now that we have one in our hand, we can honestly say it is Big! Here are our favorite things, and what these things mean if you’re a Coach’s Eye customer.

Camera of Course – Lead with the best thing, am I right? For photos, you simply can’t take a better picture on any mobile device. It’s simply the best (thank you for that one Tina). It boasts optical image stabilization, exposure control, improved auto focus, and a massive 8 megapixel iSight camera. Need to see what these photos look like? Check out this amazing post by photographer Austin Mann.

What this means: If you’re a Coach’s Eye customer, you know we work in the realm of sports video. The best thing about the new camera? 240 Frames per second. Yes, you read that right. 240 FRAMES PER SECOND. The flywheel just became even more awesome. Native recording in this format means you’ll get some of the best sports videos ever, right on your device.

The Display –  5.5″ LED backlight display with 1920 x 1080 resolution. Wholly cannoli! That is one seriously big display. If you have big hands or fat fingers, this behemoth is for you. More over, you’ll be able to view content and see things clearly.

What this meansIn Coach’s Eye, you’ll be able to analyze your videos and not worry about missing any detail. Coupled with 240 FPS video, and a large HD screen, you have powerful sports broadcasting tools in the palm of your hand.

iPhone 6

Not much is different from the iPhone 6+. The smaller size makes it easier to handle. This is especially important if you’re trying to capture the action quickly. Overall the form factor is more favorable to people with medium to small hands.

The iPhone 6 does not have the optical image stabilization and has a slightly smaller display. At 4.7 inches, the iPhone 6 still has large display. Great for viewing and analyzing content.

Final Thoughts

There is always something awesome about new technology. We’re excited to experiment with some of the new thins iOS 8 allows us to do behind the scenes in Coach’s Eye. We’re even more excited to see what kind of awesome content you crank out with these new devices. The power is in your hands. We’ll keep pushing the limits of video analysis on all platforms. Stay frosty.