Training Stars on the Small Screen

The Coach’s Eye team was lucky enough to score an interview with the amazing Ashley Borden. We felt honored (and surprised) that she was willing to talk to us after training celebrities like Ryan Gosling and Reese Witherspoon, just to mention a few. The team now feels like we are easily within six degrees of separation from Kevin Bacon! As part of our Q & A session, Ashley shared some details about what motivates her and how she incorporates video into her training of her clients and herself. She also shared the large list of things that she is working on when she is not working out or training others. We now believe that the more fit you are, the less sleep you need!

 “I have seen 98% improvement in a movement after I review Coach’s Eye with a client. Afterward I can show them frame-by-frame where the correction needs to be made in their body. It gives such immediate feedback visually that it has become an invaluable tool in my gym bag.” ~ Ashley Borden

Q & A With Ashley Borden

When did you get into fitness?

I was born into a fitness lifestyle. My mom owned a health food store called Borden¹s Vitamin Bee and my dad owned a sporting goods store called The Complete Athlete and was part of starting the USTS Triathlon in Chicago. My mom was also a hard-core runner (snow, rain or shine) and my dad was obsessed with fitness and constantly improving himself. I thought all kids went to cheer on their parents at 10k runs and help to sell carob and sprouts in their mom’s health food store (that smelled like vitamins).

What made you want to become a Fitness and Lifestyle Consultant?

As the story of growing up in a health-oriented family unfolded, it was expected of me tobe an athlete (as my brother was) and to feel the same wonderful intoxication of running that my entire family felt. Instead, my “dancer’s body” was used to standing turned out (in 1st position) and the biomechanics of running was totally foreign to my body. Nobody explained proper form or how to adjust my feet and knees (so I wasn¹t knock kneed when I tried to run). Instead, I hated running and felt nothing but frustration and defeat. Fast forward to today, and I understand exactly why running felt so foreign, because I understand how to break down the body and explain bio mechanics to the average person. I have made incredible improvements with my own body and feel stronger and more connected every day. I have thousands of hours of practical application with clients over 18 years, and I am grateful for my life as a trainer and consultant. I continue to learn and teach a system that connects everyone to their bodies and fine-tunes their inner (or professional) athlete.

Are there specific areas of fitness that you focus on?

It all starts with the feet and ankle and moves up to the top of the head.

What does your typical day look like?

Wake up. Walk 2 dogs, feed 2 dogs and 2 cats (all rescues!). Eat breakfast. Train 5-6 hours of clients, train myself, walk dogs, eat, walk dogs, work at home, answer emails, schedule clients, walk dogs, sleep. 😉

What challenges do you face on a daily basis as a personal trainer?

Always trying to communicate more efficiently and motivate my clients to be better with their bodies and their self-esteem.

What motivates you?

Real life stories of overcoming obstacles and success of others who have done it themselves. I am a very competitive person (personally) and I work with a small handful of trainers who constantly motivate me to become a better trainer through education and hands on experience. I am lucky! I work with some fantastic trainers who always want to train together and help one another troubleshoot a client if needed. I never stop asking questions and being open to learning.

When did you start using video with fitness? In what way were you using video then?

I have videotaped myself in the past kick boxing, but it was always very frustrating to slow it down and go frame by frame if I wanted to see a specific movement pattern.

What does your video process look like now? When, where, and how often to you record workouts?

I use it every day with my clients and myself. I keep videos on my Coach’s Eye app.

How exactly are you using Coach’s Eye? Are you using it to improve your form, your clients’ form, or both?

I use it for both purposes. I have seen 98% improvement in a movement after I review Coach’s Eye with a client. Afterward I can show them frame-by-frame where the correction needs to be made in their body. It gives such immediate feedback visually that it has become an invaluable tool in my gym bag.

How did you instruct clients before Coach’s Eye?

My instructions and cueing are exactly the same; Coach’s Eye just lets my clients see what I am talking about when I am fixing a weakness or making a correction on their body.

How effective are videos for their understanding and development?

Invaluable. Seeing yourself move gives better feedback than any still photo or excellent description.

How do your clients feel about Coach’s Eye and video review?

Most people don’t want to be filmed at first because of self-consciousness, but once we review the video and break down the movement frame-by-frame they get a real appreciation for the app and use the feedback immediately.

You are a busy person these days. What are some of the big things we can expect to see you involved with soon?

I am currently hosting a TV show on The Cooking Channel called Drop 5 lbs. I am helping to consult on and am a spokesperson for a fashionable new women’s active wear line called Colosseum, which debuts in Nordstrom this month. I’ll be featured on Livestrong’s new YouTube channel throughout 2012, offering workout tips, fitness advice, and more.

Where you can find Ashley in the digital world:


Twitter: @ashleyborden



Livestrong Women on YouTube




The Coach’s Eye team wanted to give a big “Thank You” to Ashley for taking some time out of her busy schedule for us. We truly admire her passion for fitness and constant drive to improve her health, as well as the health of others.