Have you ever wondered if you can import a Coach’s Eye video someone has sent you?

We’ve made it easy to take videos that others have recorded in Coach’s Eye, and analyze them on your own device. Take a look below at the step by step process of taking a shared video and importing it into Coach’s Eye.

Any shared video will have a Coach’s Eye link in the message. We are viewing on an iPad, but there will be a similar process on all devices.

1. Email inbox shows a new Coach’s Eye video has been shared with us. Tap on the “Watch the Video” link .


2. You are now taken to your browser to watch the video. Tap on the Import button just below the video.


3. After pressing import your video will appear in Coach’s Eye and you will see a confirmation message.


Three simple steps to import a video from the Coach’s Eye website.  Have fun and keep those videos coming!