Update [Dec 16th, 2015]

Both Android and iOS versions of the app allow you to import from the GoPro directly. There is no need to swap SD cards. Simply connect to your GoPro from the Coach’s Eye app and start recording!

Here at Coach’s Eye, we’re dedicated to help you make the most out of your time and with our latest GoPro integration you can do just that.

Here’s a video tutorial explaining how GoPro Integration works with Coach’s Eye:


How to utilize this feature

This feature is exclusive to Coach’s Eye + Teams and Vip subscribers. Luckily we’re offering a steep discount for our software with the purchase of a GoPro. Just in time for the holiday season. Take a look at our holiday bundles below and receive your GoPro and Coach’s Eye subscription before the holiday!

GoPro and Coach’s Eye + Teams Bundle

GoPro and Coach’s Eye + Vip Bundle

A Bit of Coach’s Eye History and How Importing Used To Work

We’ve had the pleasure of talking to a lot of different coaches and athletes over the last several months about how they are using Coach’s Eye, and how they’d like to be using it. One of the interesting things that’s come up is how eager some of these coaches are to import video from external cameras into Coach’s Eye.

Good news. Many of today’s consumer / prosumer cameras record videos to SDHC cards in formats that are compatible with iOS. Importing footage from compatible cameras is as simple as taking out the flash card and inserting it into the iPad via the Apple iPad Camera Connection Kit. We created a short video for you that demonstrates just how easy it is to import video into Coach’s Eye from a GoPro HD Hero 2 camera.