The emergence of personal UAVs or “drones” has introduced new laws, but more importantly new ways to capture video for the everyday person.

These days you don’t have to be a professional videographer or a millionaire to use a drone. Anyone can purchase a brand new DJI Phantom 3 Standard for the relatively low price of $499. This base model includes recording video at 2.7k, a 12 mega pixel camera, and a state of the art gimbal.

So what does that mean? You get a versatile camera mounted on an aircraft that you control. It’s time to go out and get that shot you thought was impossible!

For sporting events this means you can hover overhead and capture the play, or follow an athlete and record the action. Here is a winter sports example recorded exclusively with a Drone.

Video Format

The great thing about the drones that are on the consumer market these days is that most of them record at the industry standard .MP4 format. Which means you can bring them into almost any video editing software.

This made it easy for organizations like the University of Miami Football Team to use drones in practice.

Editing Video

Now that you’ve shot the video, it’s time to make use of it. One thing you’ll notice right up front is that your footage will not be useful for the purposes of film making or video analysis. You’ll need to edit this raw footage to make it useful. Below are a few beginner video editing software options for cutting up your clips into useful segments.


Windows Movie Maker

Camtasia Studio

Using Video In Coach’s Eye


If you’re using your drone for sports and have clipped up your drone video into useful segments, it’s time to analyze your technique. Getting footage into Coach’s Eye has never been easier. In 2015 we introduced the video uploader.

The video uploader allows you to upload video from any desktop computer with internet access. The videos will be placed directly into your personal video locker, or the team video locker that you select. To access this feature you’ll need to be a VIP subscriber or TEAMS subscriber. You can sign up for either of these subscription plans here.

Here’s how the video uploader works:

Safety Warning

This seems like a no brainer but the blades on these drones spin at over 7,000 rpm. Here are the top safety tips:

  • If battery is low, land the drone
  • If the drone is out of visual, use “return home” feature
  • Make sure battery is fully charged before use
  • Make sure GPS coordinates are established before take-off
  • Make sure camera and viewfinder are properly linked

Here’s an example of how things can go wrong quickly


Next Steps

To recap:

  1. Purchase a drone (recommended: DJI Products)
  2. Record Video
  3. Edit Video (recommended editor: Camtasia)
  4. Upload with Coach’s Eye video uploader
  5. Provide analysis with Coach’s Eye (iOS , Android)

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