What do you give the coach that has everything?

Here are some popular tech gadgets our coaches get excited about.

GoPro Hero4


GoPro cameras let you capture unique angles and work in extreme environments. Stream your GoPro’s live feed to Coach’s Eye and record anything you want! A VIP Coach’s Eye subscription lets you pull live or captured video content off the GoPro and right into Coach’s Eye.

Samsung Galaxy Camera 2


This camera runs Android and has 21x optical zoom. You can install Coach’s Eye and InstantReplay on this camera and record the action from the stands or anywhere

Apple TV


Wirelessly playback your athletic video footage to a big screen TV. Control the playback with your iPad or iPhone. It’s a flashy way to breakdown film with your team.

DJI Phantom Advanced


How do you justify a $1000 drone? Well… it includes a camera for free? Capturing some aerial footage of athletes and practices will make this investment justifiable.



Wearable technology is the new thing! Track your activities and exercise and send it to your smart phone.



If you tend to misplace things, try attaching a Tile and then you can track down the item using your smart phone.