This month we’re celebrating our anniversary! Coach’s Eye has been giving coaches the tools they need to help athletes get better for over four years. The Coach’s Eye Team celebrated by having a little fun at Lake State Crossfit, located in Dewitt, Michigan.

Coach’s Eye has experienced tremendous growth and change throughout the past four years. We’re proud of all we’ve accomplished, but we know we couldn’t have done it without the support from all of our loyal customers. Thank you to all of you who’ve supported the Eye along the way. We’ve got a lot more in store for you, and we’re excited for what the future holds!

Look how much we’ve grown!

A Quick Look at Coach’s Eye Throughout the Years:

November 2011: Coach’s Eye launches iOS app in the Apple App Store.

August 2012: Coach’s Eye launches Android app in the Google Play Store.

March 2013: Coach’s Eye launches VIP subscriptions for professional coaches who want to do more with mobile video.

June 2014: Coach’s Eye partners with USATF to deliver professional comparison content for Coach’s Eye customers.

November 2014: Coach’s Eye works with Red Bull on project Surf Science to send video from the shore to surfers in the ocean without an internet connection.

March 2015: Coach’s Eye works with Marco Marciano, Marc-André Fleury, and Jonathan Bernier to deliver professional goalie skills and drills to Coach’s Eye customers.

June 2015: Coach’s Eye launches it’s TEAMS solution. Designed for players and coaches that need to collaborate through video but can’t always be in the same place.

September 2015: Coach’s Eye launches InstantReplay. A wireless multi-camera video system that instantly transmits video between mobile devices without an internet connection.

October 2015: Coach’s Eye partners with GoPro to provide customers with live preview and wireless import capabilities via the Coach’s Eye app.

November 2015: Coach’s Eye becomes an official reseller of the GoPro Hero4 camera, available with a VIP or TEAMS subscription.

Happy Birthday, Coach’s Eye!

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