Explore the Coach’s Eye Community!

Coach’s Eye allows you to easily Explore and interact with the community of publicly shared videos. We’ve made it possible to interact by allowing you to import and analyze footage from all over the globe. Be sure to check each week for new Staff Picks. See videos climbing the ranks in the Leaderboard, and take a look at some of the newest videos in Latest. This is a quick overview of how to navigate the Explore tab in Coach’s Eye.

Take a look at a quick tutorial video:

Search for videos in Explore

1. Tap on the Explore tab in Coach’s Eye

2. Staff Picks will show our top picks for great videos


3. The Leaderboard shows you all the videos that are growing in popularity

3a. Search for the most popular tagged videos in a specific sport


4. Latest shows a steady stream of all publicly shared videos

4a. Search for tagged videos in a specific sport to import and compare


5. Visit the Map to see videos of athletes around the world


6. Use the share button on any video to copy the link or view it in your web browser

7. Tap Like to show some love and keep track of the video in your account

8. Tap Import to bring the video into your Library for future use


For more tutorials visit the Getting Started tab at the top of the page