Meet Chris Griffin, San Francisco-based running coach and walking instructor specializing in the Chi Running® and Chi Walking® technique. He’s been an instructor since 2003, a Master Instructor since 2004, and a runner himself for as long as he can remember.

Chris Griffin - Chi Running

As a running coach, Chris uses video analysis on a daily basis to help improve his clients’ form. “It’s a highly effective feedback tool when learning Chi Running, offering powerful insights. Chi Running is about form, technique, and body sensing and using videotaping allows clients to see how they’re actually moving,” Chris said. “There’s the subjective reality of how one perceives they are moving through space and then there’s the objective (video) reality. Video feedback helps clients tremendously with improving the efficiency in their running and connection to their body.”


This past fall, Chris gave Coach’s Eye a shot and started incorporating it into his sessions with clients. After a few tries, he was hooked.

“Now, with the extensive tools and ease of use already built into Coach’s Eye, I can easily share feedback with my clients about their postural alignment, foot placement, shoulder position, symmetry, etc. “

“Coach’s Eye is the simplest and best way to capture and share video analysis with my clients,” said Chris. “The content is hosted by Coach’s Eye, and it’s so much easier to simply send them a link via email or text message rather than going through the hoops of compressing a large video and sending an actual video file.”

Since video feedback was already a part of Chris’ coaching, it was very easy for him to incorporate Coach’s Eye into his sessions. “In the past I used a somewhat complicated process involving a video camera connected to a computer to accomplish what the Coach’s Eye app does so simply, elegantly and powerfully on its own,” Chris said.

“Coach’s Eye is now an invaluable part of my coaching tools.” ~ Chris Griffin

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