Meet Georgie Bremner, Buttermilk Ski School Manager at Aspen Snowmass Resorts. She is changing the way skiing is taught with Coach’s Eye and her Microsoft Nokia Lumia 1520. We were lucky enough to spend a few days with her to learn how she uses Coach’s Eye on the slopes.


Georgie recording a student as he passes by.

We quickly learned that there are a few different ways Georgie uses Coach’s Eye to train her students. One is on the side of the hill, as in the picture above. When a student passes by she records video with Coach’s Eye using her Lumia 1520. This provides one angle to analyze the technique demonstrated by the student. As she described, “It’s easier to pull up Coach’s Eye on my phone than to carry a handy camera and figure out how to record.”


Georgie using Coach’s Eye to analyze her students form during the lunch break.

Another way that Georgie likes to record her students is using the “follow technique”. She’ll queue here student to begin skiing and then trail behind the student with phone in hand. She said, “Recording from behind the skier is beneficial for correcting form, and the camera on these devices is often better than a more expensive handy camera. On my phone the quality is good right when I press record.”


Georgie coaching her student on weight distribution.

Often she’ll take a student off the run to go over the skills they are trying to perfect. Her style of coaching is very hands on and she is quick to give her students a visual cue to improve their performance. While using Coach’s Eye she explained, “All of the sudden you can instantly change what you are doing…and start getting better.”


Georgie having some fun coaching during a blue bird day at Buttermilk Mountain.

When she’s not in Aspen teaching the high art of slashing powder, you may see her traveling the world as part of the Elan Women’s Studio Team or instructing a course for Professional Ski Instructors Of America (PSIA).

She’s a down to earth mother of two that is changing the way skiers learn through state of the art technology.

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