The Coach’s Eye 1.1 update is now available in the App Store and we are giddy with excitement. Why? We’re glad you asked. This Coach’s Eye update covers some of the big things that we have heard from coaches in every sport…the ability to add some personality while improving instruction. The new freehand telestration feature was something that we knew we had to do for everyone. The icing on the cake was creating a freehand arrow option. This allows coaches and athletes to visualize things like what the correct swing plane should look like, or where body movement should be going. It’s also a powerful way to set-up what the viewer is about to see in the video. We could spend all day talking about how excited we are to have these features available for customers, but then we would neglect the other updates we made.

The Coach’s Eye 1.1 release did add additional functionality and address some bugs that we were having. Here’s the full list of what’s in the update, complete with our pitch for why it’s cool.

Coach’s Eye 1.1 Update

Freehand drawing. That’s right, you can now annotate your video with our awesome freehand drawing tool. This tool is guaranteed to make you smile–we know we still are. Once you start using freehand drawing in your videos you’ll wonder how you ever got along without it.

Freehand arrows. Freehand drawing is great, but sometimes you want an arrow at the end of that line. Our freehand arrow tool automatically adds an arrowhead when you release your finger from the screen. If you’re making a recording, the arrowhead will animate along the path as you draw.

Great balls of fire color! We added a sweet color selection tool that allows you to choose from one of five colors–red, yellow, green, blue and white. Tap to select a drawing tool, then tap the tool again to access the color selection balls.

Default colors. Each of our five drawing tools has its’ own default color. This makes it easy to change tools and have your new annotations stand out. We also think it’s a great way to suggest to new users that multiple colors are now available. IUE (initial user experience) is important and we hope we’re helping.

Remember color selection(s). We always remember the last color you selected for each drawing tool during each app session and between app sessions. We think the little details matter–we hope we’re making a difference for our users.

Improved video import. When importing longer videos the device would go to sleep and import would fail. We now tell the device not to sleep so that videos can be successfully imported. When an error does occur during import we now provide notification to the user.

Changed encoding fail icon. We no longer use the Coach’s Eye logo to indicate a review that failed to encode properly. A question mark symbol is now used to represent a failed encoding in the “reviewed” library.

Changed YouTube defaults. We now default the privacy setting to “public.” Given that YouTube is a broadcast destination site and we make it super simple to change privacy settings this seemed like a no brainer. We hope it means fewer taps for you.

Misc. bug fixes. We continued our quest to provide the best app experience available. Sometimes we squash all of the bugs, but sometimes a few sneak by. We think we got all of the pesky ones with this update.

As you can tell, we are excited that this version of Coach’s Eye is now available for everyone to experience. We hope that you will check it out and let us know how we are doing.