CrossFit and Coach’s Eye


Amy Mandelbaum

We’re always looking for great stories from the Coach’s Eye community. After reaching out to Amy Mandelbaum on Instagram, she was kind enough to do a quick Q and A. Amy is a CrossFit athlete and uses Coach’s Eye on a daily basis. If you’re unfamiliar, CrossFit is a sport, lifestyle, and community, based around fitness and overall health.


Some CrossFit terms mentioned in the Q and A:

WOD = Workout Of the Day
Box = Training facility (CrossFit facilities are often in an open warehouse)
EMOM = Every Minute, On the Minute (A training term, to do the prescribed workout in a minute)

Let’s get started :)

Coach’s Eye: Tell us about yourself?

Amy: I live in Westport, CT and am married with two children, ages 14 and 11. Aside from being a mom and a coach, I own a small paleo baking business called CRAVE, and perform in a show that I co-wrote with two other women. The show is called “Moms The Word”. It’s a comedic cabaret show about motherhood. We raise money for children’s charities and schools.

Coach’s Eye: How did you get into the sport of CrossFit?

Amy: A good friend introduced me to CrossFit about 3 1/2 years ago. My first “official WOD”  was Murph on Thanksgiving Day. It was a life-changing experience. I’ve been devoted to CrossFit ever since. My box, BK Athletics is in located in Fairfield, CT. I started at CrossFit as an athlete, became a competitor and this year added “coach” to my CrossFit resume.

Coach’s Eye: What motivates you?

Amy: I am a very task oriented person and am keen to try new things. I have a coach who programs for me, James Fitzgerald, owner of Optimum Performance Training or OPT, and although I generally know what to expect on any given day of the week, he makes sure I am challenged AND engaged. I have learned to create that in other aspects of my life, as well as in the lives of my athletes and my family.

Coach’s Eye: How are you using Coach’s Eye?

Amy: Coach’s Eye has helped my training immensely. In the past, my training sessions centered around checking the boxes off of whatever was programmed for me. Once I implemented Coach’s Eye I was able to make changes IMMEDIATELY. If a lift feels good, but looks completely wrong, I know it right away. This saves me from ingraining bad patterns. I train alone generally, so Coach’s Eye is literally a second set of eyes for me. I can also upload my videos to my coach in Arizona. I put the lifts on my blog and he can send back comments. I also “play” with Coach’s Eye. I take freeze frames from my lifts and have fun with the images, post them on Instagram, etc. Not what the app was intended for, but in terms of capturing the essence of movement artfully, Coach’s Eye allows me to put myself out there “in motion”, not posed.

Coach’s Eye: What is your process, and how difficult was it to incorporate Coach’s Eye?

Amy: Coach’s Eye was simple to implement into my training. I break down my workouts, write them on a white board and set my phone up on a bench right next to my platform. If it’s an EMOM situation, I’ll get as much as I can at the end of my session when my form might be questionable. If it’s 1rm stuff, I’ll take the time to look at every lift during rest so that I can make the proper adjustments

Coach’s Eye: How do you coach other athletes?

Amy: I use Coach’s Eye often with my athletes so that they can visually see the cues or corrections I am giving them. It is invaluable in that regard, especially with new athletes. I have found that many newer athletes have very little body awareness. Coach’s Eye gives them the ability to witness their own strengths and weaknesses in a way a mirror never could. (Although we don’t have mirrors in our box.) My athletes make corrections more quickly and enjoy the “one on one” time they get watching their playback with me. I can then email them their videos for further reinforcement.

Coach’s Eye: Do you do any remote coaching?

Amy: I remotely coach a few CrossFit athletes, and Coach’s Eye is perfect for me to send example videos of movements to them, OR for me to analyze their videos. Every CrossFit athlete I have spoken to loves Coach’s Eye, relies on it as a training tool, and implements it into their daily workouts.

Coach’s Eye: Final thoughts?

Amy: Coach’s Eye is easy to use, highly accessible and uploading is a cinch. I don’t know how you could improve on its functionality as a coaching tool…… You could implement bells and whistles a la Instagram, and give the user the ability to freeze-frame, take a photo and enhance it.

Follow Amy on Instagram and Twitter @AmyPistol, check out her Blog Thanks to Amy and the Coach’s Eye community!

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