We like to feature different customers from all around the world using Coach’s Eye. Some coaches have unique stories and some have coached for more years than their athletes have been alive. Leo Totten is an Olympic Weightlifting coach based out of Pennsylvania. A long time Coach’s Eye customer, here is his story:

Back when I was a competitive weightlifter in the ‘70’s and 80’s, there were very few options for video analysis.  The technique of the weightlifting movements that I was able to attain through trial and error or pick up clues from magazine articles and sequence photos was slow, cumbersome and inefficient.   Now, with so many new technologies available for video analysis, teaching and learning is much more time and energy efficient.

Coach’s Eye has been my “go to” tool for several years now!  I find it to be a very efficient coaching tool and I use it in a multitude of different scenarios:

  • Training:  Coach’s Eye is handy to use on my iPad or phone.  The app is an easy download and ready to use immediately.  I am a very “hands on” type of coach who has to be constantly circulating and motivating and I find that Coach’s Eye is a good way to keep moving without causing any “paralysis by analysis” of the athletes.
  • Competition:  For a quick look at the lift to make a small correction, this is a valuable tool.  Particularly in the “heat of the battle” when we don’t have much time before the next attempt.
  • Long Distance Coaching:  Many years ago when I was lifting myself, I had no coach and would have loved to have this tool.  As a coach now, I can work with athletes at a distance.  They send videos of their lifts, I take a look and analyze, mark them up and send them back to them with comments.  Obviously, it is better to see the athlete day in and day out, but this is a great way to stay connected with your athletes who can’t be with you all the time.
  • Certifications and Seminars:  I teach a variety of seminars and courses, but in particular, my BOLC (Basic Olympic Lifting Certification) and AOLC (Advanced Olympic Lifting Certification) gets full use of Coach’s Eye.  Not only do I use it myself but I have everyone download the app themselves and teach them how to use it.  They are able to use it for analysis of their lifts right there but also are able to take it home and use it continually with their own athletes.

Every day, there seems to be more and more options for video analysis.  I have tried several others in the environment that I teach and coach and, although they are all really good and have merit, I find that Coach’s Eye works extremely well for the many uses that I have for it.

Want to learn more? Visit the Totten Training Systems website and find out how you can start using Coach’s Eye more efficiently with your Olympic lifts.


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