Coach’s Eye Video Management

Managing Videos in your Coach’s Eye Locker

The Basic Coach’s Eye account comes with 2 GB of locker storage for your videos. This can fill up in a hurry if you are doing a lot of recording. The good news is you have some options when it comes to freeing up additional space in your Coach’s Eye locker. Below are some easy ways to help you keep filming by adding more space for your Coach’s Eye account.

Delete old videos to free up storage space

The easiest thing you can do is clean up some of the old videos you have hanging around in your Coach’s Eye locker. Deleting old videos will provide extra space for you to continue using Coach’s Eye without any problems.

Upgrading to a bigger account service plan

An easy way to instantly add storage space plus some additional tools and functionality is to upgrade to a bigger service plan. We offer two paid individual service tiers that add storage and features to Coach’s Eye for you. These plans start at only $5 per month and are available for Apple and Android users.

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