The wait is over! Coach’s Eye + InstantReplay is now available for Android, as well as iOS! Ready to test out this game changing solution? Read on and find out how you can start a 15-day free trial of Coach’s Eye + Instant Replay today!

What is InstantReplay?

Coach’s Eye + InstantReplay is a brand new video solution. It provides coaches the ability to send and receive video between mobile devices, over a closed WiFi connection. This allows coaches to immediately review film seconds after the play and make adjustments on the fly.

How does InstantReplay work?

InstantReplay works with any iOS device running iOS 8.2 or later, or any Android device running OS 4.3 or later. By connecting your mobile devices to the same wireless router you can send video between devices, using the InstantReplay application.

InstantReplay works with the following iOS devices:

  • iPad mini 4 (and above)
  • iPad Air 2 (and above)
  • iPad Pro

InstantReplay works with the following Android devices:

  • Samsung S6
  • Galaxy G4
  • Nexus 9 tablet

Here is an example:


1. In the first image you see a member of the coaching staff recording from the top of the press box at a football field. His device is called a “broadcaster”. He is sending video to “receivers” in other parts of the stadium using a closed wifi network. This is an ios (iPad and iPhone) device to device transfer of video. He records the play, tagging the down, distance, rpk, and ytg. This data and video is sent to the receivers.

2. In the second image you see another member of the coaching staff inside the press box receiving the play right after the broadcaster on top of the press box stopped recording. He is now reviewing critical information from his “Eye In The Sky”, so that he can make an adjustment for the next play. He can also use the data sent from the broadcaster to filter and make adjustments the next time this down, yard, or play comes up.

3. In the third image you see another “receiver” hooked up to a television. With Coach’s Eye + InstantReplay you can have multiple broadcasters and receivers spread throughout the stadium over the same closed Wi-Fi network. With a simple HDMI cord and digital av adapter you can hook your mobile device up to any HDTV.

With InstantReplay you can connect as many broadcasters and receivers to each other as you would like. There is no limit on broadcasters or receivers. Keep in mind that the more devices you add to a single router the slower the transfer speeds will be. Check out the full feature set below!


• No internet connection required! Devices discover and connect with each other over a secure Wi-Fi network, created by a wireless router. After initial setup, devices will remember previous configuration and automatically connect when on the same Wi-Fi network.

• Devices can be configured as either Broadcasters or Receivers. You can setup one or more Broadcasters to record from as many camera angles as desired. You can also configure one or more video Receivers to be recipients of videos from connected Broadcasters.

• Broadcasters can tag videos while recording. Specific football tagging to start, more sports coming soon! In the meantime, Broadcasters can turn off tagging interface for non-football sports / scenarios. Tags can also be edited by the Receiver, in video playback mode.

• You can start / stop a device’s camera using in-app camera interface, bluetooth remote, or Apple Watch.

• Videos and associated tags are immediately sent to Receivers when recording is stopped, so you can watch videos on sidelines using the slow motion scrubbing and zoom and pan capabilities.

• Intelligent, auto-advance feature automatically plays videos immediately as they come in to the Receiver when the current video ends playback.

• Video library auto-scrolls to new videos as they come in to the Receiver.

• Powerful filtering allows you to discover opponent tendencies.

• Recordings are automatically labeled by play number, and the videos are auto grouped into sessions. Additionally, videos from multiple Broadcasters are auto grouped within Sessions by recording timestamp. Grouped recordings will all have the same play number.

Hardware Recommendations

We’ve rigorously tested compatible WiFi routers that perform well with InstantReplay. You can find a full post about recommended hardware here.

We have also built out a complete kit available for purchase, that comes with the following equipment:

  • Coach’s Eye + InstantReplay software
  • Pelican protective storage case
  • High-performance EnGenius wireless router
  • Bluetooth camera remote (to stop and start recording)
  • Mini flexible gorilla mount tripod
  • Lightning digital AV adapter (for television connection)
  • HDMI cable (for television connection)
  • Rugged extension cord
  • Surge protected power strip


Three Easy Steps To Get Started

In three steps you can setup InstantReplay for your program:

  1. Download the InstantReplay app from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store, to start your free trial.
  2. Sign in to the app.
  3. Set up your closed Wi-Fi network.

We’ve built out a robust set of tutorials on how to get your program up and running with InstantReplay right. Click here to view tutorials (Android | iOS)

More Info

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