Coach's Eye tickets to the B1G ChampionshipThe inaugural B1G Championship game takes place today and Coach’s Eye will be there to cover it. Look for Brooks to send back some instant video analysis during the game.

That’s right, you can expect breakdowns of the action on field with audio commentary, slow motion play back and telestration from a fan in the stands using a $5 iPhone app. No satellite trucks, no cables, no wires and no $15,000 broadcast telestrator needed. In fact our iPhone software is actually easier to use and better suited to drawing lines and scrubbing through plays frame-by-frame because it’s tactile interactions were designed for the touch based iOS platform.

Now back to the game. Our entire team has skin in the game. Our office in Okemos, MI is about six miles from Spartan Stadium in East Lansing, MI and many members of the team graduated from Michigan State. Our product grenade thrower, Brooks, grew up in Wisconsin and always roots for his beloved Badgers. No matter who wins or loses we will feel the bite of your loss or the elation of your victory. Good luck and enjoy the game!

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