Video Analysis Tools

Record your analysis with your illustrations and voice over your video. You can also use Side-by-Side Comparison mode to analyze two videos at the same time. Take a look below on how to start your critique.

1. Tap the Record button to start recording your Analysis

2. Use the Play button to view your video in regular speed

3. Use the Flywheel for frame by frame scrub through

4. The time icon will play your video in Slow Motion

5. Go back to your Library by using the Back Arrow

Undo your drawings by tapping the curved backward facing arrow. Opposite for Redo.


1. Use the film strip in the bottom right hand corner to start a Side-by-Side critique

2. Use the Link in the middle of the Flywheels to scrub through both videos with one Flywheel


Need more? Head back to the Getting Started page for more info and be sure to check the FAQ’s in our Knowledge Base.

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