Android is no easy beast to conquer, but we’re on the road to taming this lion. With Coach’s Eye 4.1 for Android we’ve made several changes to enhance the experience and deliver unprecedented value on the Android platform. Available exclusively for customers on Android 4.3 or later, we’re now utilizing the best this platform has to offer.

Here’s the down and dirty feature set.

Now supports .MP4 natively!

This is a bit nerdy and technical but very important. Do you remember seeing the .EYE, .JPG, .WAV formats in one video file? If you were frustrated with video quality, compression, or any other video issue, we are now able to utilize the .MP4 format natively. Which means….

– Improved video import and sharing reliability on Android 4.3+ devices
– Higher definition video recordings and FPS with certain Android 4.3+ devices
– Greatly improved Collage and Animated .GIF creation

Other improvements include the ability to see Profiles in Explore. Which means you can now connect with the people who share great videos.

Head to the Google Play Store and Update NOW!