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It is a tremendous pleasure to give you the tool, community, and application that you need to make you a better coach, athlete, student, and teacher. It means a lot to us that we have customers all over the world sharing millions of videos of all different sports. From Dog Agility to FootballEquestrian to Baseball, and Bicycle Ballet to CrossFit, we have you covered.

It is with great excitement that we are celebrating our 2 year anniversary in the App Store!


It is no small feat to be in the App Store this long, especially in a technological world that is ever changing, and ever growing. In celebration of this special occasion, for a limited time, we are officially putting Coach’s Eye on SALE!  You can purchase Coach’s Eye and all of the premium In App Purchases for 80% off. Remember limited time, the sale will end 11/12/13 so share away!

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A big THANKS to all of our customers who have fought in the trenches with us. We have big dreams for the Coach’s Eye franchise and we will not quit until Coach’s Eye is your go to for everything sports related.

We’ve met some great people along the way, with great personalities and inspirational stories. THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING!

As always, reach us at or stay up with us on our socials!

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Let’s take a look back. For you new Eyer’s out there, take a look where we started. For you veterans, well…..This ones for you!