What’s New in Coach’s Eye 2.2 Update

☆ Explore and import public videos from other coaches and athletes around the world.
☆ See where videos on your device were captured. This is especially useful for multi-facility activities like camps.
☆ Find the top trending public videos of the week. Tap Explore’s Popular filter to access the top 150 videos around the world.

Our Mission–bring the athletes and coaches of the world together. Help them form communities of interest. Encourage them to share their performances and their wisdom. Help them collaborate. To learn more about the new Explore feature watch this video.

☆ We’ve added new on-device tutorials under Resources.

We’re evolving our on-device onboarding and help. We’ve completely revamped Resources into a native UI view that ships with four tutorials on device. We also display the Getting Started and Explore tutorials in app on first launch, or when first entering Explore.

☆ Renamed notification center from Exchange to Shared.
☆ Push notifications are displayed in Shared (in most cases).
☆ Added thumbnails to messages in Shared.
☆ New messages in Shared display unread status.
☆ Shared has moved to Nav bar on iPad (top of the screen).
☆ Added support for rich-push notifications (push notifications can contain clickable links).

We’ve completely overhauled the notification center that was formerly known as Exchange. It’s now a pop-over on the iPad. The new experience is much more polished and sets the stage for future enhancements to notifications.

☆ Display network and battery status (made iOS status bar visibile).
☆ Fixed a major background uploading bug when sharing videos.
☆ Send videos to Camera Roll or Other Apps without a network connection. (Initial account creation required.)
☆ Sharing via email now sends stylized message with clickable video thumbnail.

Coach’s Eye now sends gorgeous HTML emails with thumbnails and clickable links that makes your sharing stand out like a pro.

☆ Video file names now use their in-app title when sharing to many other apps on device (e.g. Dropbox).
☆ Videos shared via email now have the video’s title in the subject.
☆ Videos shared via YouTube now have the video’s title in the subject.
☆ Moved delete button on iPad to the Nav bar.
☆ Added support for additional GoPro camera video resolutions and frame rates.
☆ Misc. improvements and bug fixes.

Despite being a “dot” release Coach’s Eye 2.2 is packed with new features and improvements. We can’t wait to see what our amazing customers do with it. But, we are far from finished with the app. The Coach’s Eye team is already heads down cranking out Coach’s Eye 2.3. If you haven’t already, please join us on our journey to create the ultimate instant video analysis solution for mobile devices.