Coach’s Eye + InstantReplay is the video replay system that allows you to review a play or skill right after it happens. This multi-camera solution works using the mobile devices you carry each day. Perfect as a sideline solution for football coaches, but is designed for almost any sport. Take look at how it can be used for gyms.

Coach’s Eye + Teams is a video solution for your entire team. A shared video feed that is constantly updated as videos are added to your team locker. Powerful video analysis tools and the ability to view team videos even when you are not connected to the internet.

Put these two solutions together and you now have the ability to provide instant review at practice and do film review sessions without having your team all in the same place.

What This Means | The Future Of Video

You’ve probably used an old handy cam or digital video camera for years. Or you’ve not been eager to switch your current solution. That’s why we’re offering a free 15 day trial that unlocks both solutions for you.