Backyard Dreams

As a kid my family was fortunate enough to send me to hitting lessons and camps to become a better baseball player. I trained in pole barns, old high schools, underneath bleachers, and outside during the Michigan winters. Unfortunately, none of this hard work amounted to a professional baseball career, but tonight I was able to experience a bit of nostalgia when I walked into the Spring Training Indoor Sports Center.

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With four cages, a small retail shop up front, and a outdoor field in back, it was definitely a leg up from the dark corridors I used to practice in. The facility provides softball and baseball instruction to individuals and teams. The owners also manage fifteen teams, from 8U all the way up to 15U, under the organizational name Backyard Dreams.

If you’re familiar with the sport of baseball, you’ll know that there’s always a new drill or new gizmo to train with. That’s why I was surprised when they asked me to come out and show off Coach’s Eye. If  you know baseball, you know of two things, superstition and tradition.

Tradition is doing the same drills with each player, superstition is being afraid to try something new. The guys at Backyard Dreams didn’t seem to follow either of these credos upon meeting them. Their only goal is to help athletes consistently perform at a higher level.

Nostalgia is a dish best served warm and welcoming, which is what I found at Backyard Dreams. I’m personally excited to see how incorporating Coach’s Eye into their lessons is going to change the way they coach, teach, and run their business.


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