The great thing about working on Coach’s Eye is that we get to talk people that directly impact kids by “coaching” them to get better. It might be helping them improve a specific skill, sport, or even an aspect of their life. One unique group that we get to talk to is PE teachers. They are faced with the challenge of trying to help students make improvements on any or all of the areas mentioned above on any given day. Not to mention that Physical Education is often discounted or lost in the commotion of improving STEM test scores. That’s why its great to see so many PE teachers going above and beyond to re-invent what Physical Education means. So, this week we wanted to do our part to help celebrate National Physical Education and Sport Week. We will have special giveaways for educators every dat this week on our Facebook page. We encourage all educators to “Like” our page and stay tuned for some fun all week. All parents should make sure you go and thank your kids’ PE teacher the next time you see them.

Have a National PE Week event that you are proud of? Let us know and we’ll be happy to share with others.

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Happy PE and Sports Week everyone!