Coach’s Eye for Windows Phone Now Available!

We are happy to introduce Windows Phone as the newest member of the Coach’s Eye family! The team has been working day and night to bring core Coach’s Eye functionality to new devices worldwide. Our plan is to continue to add more of the great features we have in our other versions very soon. In the meantime, check it out and let us know what you think.

Coach's Eye for Windows Phone

Coach’s Eye for Windows Phone

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Training and Improving with Video Analysis

Video Review Beyond the Sports World

Most think that video review and analysis is something that should only be used in the sports world by broadcasters and coaches breaking down plays. Over the past few years we have seen quite a few people outside of the sports world using Coach’s Eye to speed up training processes and feedback loops with video instruction. Below are a few of our favorite examples of video being used as a powerful tool to aid in the learning process.

Training and Improving with Video Analysis

Monitor Manufacturing Process

Take a closer look at how your equipment is operating or your assembly line is running.

Improve Client Communication

Video makes it easier for you to share your vision with customers that may not be able to see it. Help keep clients happy with a quick walkthrough.

Slow-Motion Review of Experiments

Review experiments in slow motion to identify, and explain, key moments. Think about all of the learning moments that can be replayed in slow motion.

Driving Course Work

Make on-the-spot corrections to people, equipment or the environment by filming video and instantly assessing the results.

Robot Performance Assessment

This team is putting their new robotic friend through a quick test. How will it do?

Friendly Family Competition

Okay, maybe your family isn’t slinging around axes as fast as you can, but think about all of your family activities that would be fun to watch and review.

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iOS 8 the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6+ For Sports and Coach’s Eye


You may be wondering what all the hype is about with iOS 8, the iPhone 6, and iPhone 6+. If you’re a Coach’s Eye customer, you’re also likely wondering what these devices can do for the wide world of sports. So let’s start by arming you with some knowledge about the most advanced devices to date. You’re entering the No Spin Zone….just kidding, that’s ridiculous. Here we go.

iOS 8

It’s Apple’s “Biggest iOS release ever!”, which is evident by the more than 5 GB of storage your device needs to update to the new operating system if you’re on an older device (5S and earlier). Storage requirement’s aside, here is the down and dirty on what iOS 8 brings to you.

Emphasis on creators -  The Photos app now boasts even more editing features to add a unique style to your everyday photography or the dreaded selfie. If you’re a Coach’s Eye customer you may be familiar with the “Gelfie”. These new tools make customization, organization and management easier and more fun. Pop culture slang is underrated.

Text Messages are no longer text messages - With the new messaging app you can now record a voice message. Is this the new way to communicate? We think there may be some validity in it. Anyhow, seems to be a very fresh new way to send through the messages app.

Shortcuts Galore - With even more ways to multi-task, iOS provides some new ways to get things done. Namely, interactive notifications and recently interacted contacts. Mainly these features allow you to stay in the app you’re using without jumping in and out constantly.

Get healthy…er…healthier. - The new Health app is the mobile activity monitor for your day to day life. Talk about some wicked technology. Heart rate monitor, body measurements, nutrition, sleep, vitals, all of the health things all in one! We’ll see how this plays out, but there are sure to be some very cool apps that come from this.

iPhone 6+

The iPhone 6+ is like Texas. Bigger, hugely better, bigger than big. At least that’s what Apple’s advertisements for their latest iPhone’s are saying. Now that we have one in our hand, we can honestly say it is Big! Here are our favorite things, and what these things mean if you’re a Coach’s Eye customer.

Camera of Course - Lead with the best thing, am I right? For photos, you simply can’t take a better picture on any mobile device. It’s simply the best (thank you for that one Tina). It boasts optical image stabilization, exposure control, improved auto focus, and a massive 8 megapixel iSight camera. Need to see what these photos look like? Check out this amazing post by photographer Austin Mann.

What this means: If you’re a Coach’s Eye customer, you know we work in the realm of sports video. The best thing about the new camera? 240 Frames per second. Yes, you read that right. 240 FRAMES PER SECOND. The flywheel just became even more awesome. Native recording in this format means you’ll get some of the best sports videos ever, right on your device.

The Display –  5.5″ LED backlight display with 1920 x 1080 resolution. Wholly cannoli! That is one seriously big display. If you have big hands or fat fingers, this behemoth is for you. More over, you’ll be able to view content and see things clearly.

What this meansIn Coach’s Eye, you’ll be able to analyze your videos and not worry about missing any detail. Coupled with 240 FPS video, and a large HD screen, you have powerful sports broadcasting tools in the palm of your hand.

iPhone 6

Not much is different from the iPhone 6+. The smaller size makes it easier to handle. This is especially important if you’re trying to capture the action quickly. Overall the form factor is more favorable to people with medium to small hands.

The iPhone 6 does not have the optical image stabilization and has a slightly smaller display. At 4.7 inches, the iPhone 6 still has large display. Great for viewing and analyzing content.

Final Thoughts

There is always something awesome about new technology. We’re excited to experiment with some of the new thins iOS 8 allows us to do behind the scenes in Coach’s Eye. We’re even more excited to see what kind of awesome content you crank out with these new devices. The power is in your hands. We’ll keep pushing the limits of video analysis on all platforms. Stay frosty.

Back to School Preparation

Science Experiment-small

It’s that time of the year in the States when a lot of students and teachers are bracing for the impact that is the first day of school! This transition can be rough on everyone. We thought this would be a good time to ease the tension some by sharing just a few visual examples of how students and teachers are using Coach’s Eye to get back in the swing of things!

Marching Band Practice

Super Slow-Motion Ball Drop

Chemistry Experiment – Don’t try this at home!

Cheer Camps

Creating a football highlight reel!

As you can see, Coach’s Eye is a great way to compress the feedback loop for virtually any activity. What’s even better is that schools participating in Apple’s EDU Volume Purchase Program can get the app at half price and use it in numerous classrooms. At $2.49, you get Coach’s Eye for the price of a pack of dry erase markers!

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Master Coach John “Shrek” McPhee The Sheriff Of Baghdad (S.O.B)


The Sheriff Of Baghdad

We can all agree that coaching is an art and a science. Very few times in your life do you have the opportunity to witness a master craftsman. John “Shrek” McPhee is one of those craftsmen. He blends his knowledge and experience to deliver a coaching style that even the best coaches in history compare to. With twenty plus years in the military, John has cultivated a style of coaching that is unparalleled and can be applied to anything. A style that is transforming the way shooting is taught and learned. From a non-shooter to an special forces unit, John will sculpt you into a better marksman.

Coaching Style

If you spend one day with John you will understand what it takes to be a master coach. John has learned over countless years of trial and error in the military what makes a good shooter. Continue reading

It’s not what you may think. You don’t need to be raised with firearms, you don’t need to have 10,000 rounds under your belt, and you don’t need to have been in the military. What you do need, is to check your ego at the door and open your mind. John’s coaching theories are backed by leading research. Check out Better Than Conscious: Decision Making, the Human Mind, and Implications for Institutions which parallels some of John’s philosophies. John’s coaching is based off of the notion that conscious decision making, limits performance severely and that subconscious training in appropriate tasks dramatically increases performance. He’ll be the first to tell you about times he would be clearing a house, where some of the squad members cannot recollect pulling the trigger. Their shooting technique would be operating subconsciously, so that the conscious mind could focus on tasks at the forefront such as moving, direction, time, spacing, etc. This is no different than the way a football player holds the ball, or baseball player fingers the seams of the baseball, or a basketball player shoots. However, there is a “best” way to do things. A way in which you go from 70% skill efficiency to 90%.

Some coaches can give you this improvement over the course of years with traditional methods. Really good coaches can get you there in months by constant physical correction. Master craftsmen find a way to do it minutes.

Interested in custom content and tutorials from John? Let us know!

On The Spot Shooting Analysis

You won’t find a better video analysis coach. Well maybe, we’re open to submissions, but you’ll never forget your first analysis with the S.O.B! For beginner shooters, there are three points of performance. Each of which he critiques meticulously. Within minutes John can take any shooter and improve their technique. Take a look at two of the points below.



Video has added a level of scrutiny not previously sought after in the shooting industry. It allows him to “show” rather than talk. John says, “often you have shooters with big ego’s who will make the same mistakes over and over again…they’ll tell you they aren’t doing it. When I show them the video, there is no denying it!”

Interested in custom content and tutorials from John? Let us know!

Remote Coaching: Gunfighter University

“You can teach someone the basics of shooting without even holding a gun”. This statement alone turns more heads than John’s night vision, but it’s true. Here’s the proof:

His remote coaching service Gunfighter U is coming soon! Previously John’s online instruction was exclusively word of mouth. With the upcoming launch of Gunfighter U, anyone from anywhere in the world can send a video to John for analysis and feedback. Each shooter receives detailed instruction with four 1-2 minute analysis videos covering the points of performance. Visit the Sheriff of Baghdad website to contact John and learn more about his online instruction.

Specialized Training  and S.O.B Classes

On top of his video analysis John also hosts classes around the continental U.S. Where he trains different individuals at varying levels of skill. His initial process for evaluating a shooter is the same, whether you are a Navy SEAL or Heidi Montag Pratt. To find a schedule of the S.O.B tour, visit the Sheriff of Baghdad website and learn more about his classes for law enforcement, special operations, and beginner shooters.

The Coach’s Eye team had the opportunity to participate in a condensed beginner shooting course that John teaches.

Grip Technique

John instructs the proper gip and position when presenting the firearm. We couldn’t have asked for a better day on this private range in North Carolina.

Coach's Eye iPad Review

After each point of performance John takes us through our technique frame by frame to provide valuable feedback.


After each review session we practiced what we just learned by seeing the our frame by frame analysis in Coach’s Eye. One thing is for sure, you’ll improve your game with John “Shrek” McPhee

Look for more content, videos, general badassey, and action from The S.O.B in Coach’s Eye. Be sure to leave a comment or fill out the form and let us know what skills and awesomeness you’d like John to show off in Coach’s Eye. 

If you’re interested in custom content from John submit your info here.

Follow John “Shrek” McPhee on Instagram

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Camera Delay, Mute, Upload Progress, Revamped Video Library, And Much More With Coach’s Eye iOS v4.4

Coach’s Eye iOS version 4.4 brings a whole slew of new features. Available right now for iOS devices running iOS 7 or later.

The Android version also received an update that included the camera delay and mute buttons when recording new video!


New library layout


• Added persistant upload progress indicator.
• Added “fix it” upload error button.
• Added “clear all” notifications button.
• Added “retry all” failed uploads button.
• Added delayed recording to the camera—perfect for recording yourself.
• Added collapsible tools palette to Analyzer.
• Added active tool indicator to tools palette.
• Revamped video library view.
• Added mute button to camera.
• Auto-remember last position of video in Analyzer.
• Generate thumbnail for videos last position in Analyzer.
• Added multi-select to Locker view.
• Added album view to Camera Roll video selection view.
• Fixed corrupted / blurry thumbnails in video library.
• Misc. improvements / bug fixes.


Camera recording delay and mute


Upload progress bar

Look for iOS v4.4.1 in the App Store very soon. Thanks for all of your support!