Camera Delay, Mute, Upload Progress, Revamped Video Library, And Much More With Coach’s Eye iOS v4.4

Coach’s Eye iOS version 4.4 brings a whole slew of new features. Available right now for iOS devices running iOS 7 or later.

The Android version also received an update that included the camera delay and mute buttons when recording new video!


New library layout


• Added persistant upload progress indicator.
• Added “fix it” upload error button.
• Added “clear all” notifications button.
• Added “retry all” failed uploads button.
• Added delayed recording to the camera—perfect for recording yourself.
• Added collapsible tools palette to Analyzer.
• Added active tool indicator to tools palette.
• Revamped video library view.
• Added mute button to camera.
• Auto-remember last position of video in Analyzer.
• Generate thumbnail for videos last position in Analyzer.
• Added multi-select to Cloud Locker view.
• Added album view to Camera Roll video selection view.
• Fixed corrupted / blurry thumbnails in video library.
• Misc. improvements / bug fixes.


Camera recording delay and mute


Upload progress bar

Look for iOS v4.4.1 in the App Store very soon. Thanks for all of your support!

Coach’s Eye iOS v4.3 Brings Exclusive USA Track & Field Content to App


We are very excited to announce a first-of-a-kind partnership with USA Track & Field. Exclusively in Coach’s Eye you can now analyze USATF gold medalists and world champions frame-by-frame or in side-by-side comparison with other athletes. We have always dreamed of connecting the best athletes in the world with young athletes on their way up. This release of Coach’s Eye marks a significant milestone on our journey to bridge the gap between the elite and the aspiring. We can’t wait to see what you do with it.


  • New exclusive USATF premium video content available.
    • Gold medalist & World Champion Ashton Eaton Pole Vault.
    • Gold medalist & World Champion Allyson Felix Sprints.
    • World Champion David Oliver Hurdles.
  • Import at original framerate and higher quality. (e.g. 120FPS GoPro / native camera video).
  • Auto-backup switch now defaults to on for new VIP members.
  • New custom video picker for imports.
  • Misc. improvements and bug fixes.

Ashton Eaton – Pole Vault Comparison


Let the games begin!

Dust off your vuvuzela (but please leave it at home), slap on some face paint and celebrate the world’s greatest football tournament with the Coach’s Eye team. Whether you’re making the trip to Brazil or are watching the games from the comfort of your own couch, join us for the athletic pandemonium.

For the past four years, sports fans worldwide have been eagerly awaiting the opportunity to cheer their country onto victory and watch their favorite football athletes compete for the ultimate title – world champion. With a few matches down, including an upset or two, the tournament has kept us on the edge of our seats.

Here at TechSmith, the excitement is building, and we want you to join us in the fun!

Coach’s Eye Contest – Play like a Pro

Have you mastered a bicycle kick? Can you breakdown the Ronaldo Chop? We want to see!

Take a quick Coach’s Eye video that shows us your favorite football move and ENTER HERE for your chance to win the ultimate sports package, including:

  • Coach’s Eye VIP Access for 1 year
  • 1 Coach’s Eye Swag Pack – complete with a Coach’s Eye t-shirt, water bottle, stickers, and logo patch

Coach’s Eye will be accepting submissions through Sunday, July 13th and a winner will be selected the following week.


Coach’s Eye will be accepting submissions through Sunday, July 13th and a winner will be selected the following week.


Announcing Coach’s Eye Android Release 4.3

Our Android development wizards have done it again. Another lightning fast release of Coach’s Eye full of goodies that increase the efficiency and pleasure of video performance review. Make sure your Coach’s Eye is honed to perfection. Update now.

Coach’s Eye for Android 4.3 Release Notes

  • Back by popular demand—added widget that launches directly into the Coach’s Eye camera.
  • New pricing based on usage. Use the app frequently and look for your chance to save.
  • Auto-play videos when selected (Explore).
  • Auto-fullscreen when device is rotated to landscape during playback (Explore).
  • Added blurred image background during playback of pillar boxed videos (Explore).
  • New theming for KitKat devices.
  • Misc. bug fixes and performance improvements.

Coach’s Eye 4.3 Update

New Video Thumbnail

Blurred Image Background

Be sure to let us know what else you’d like to see in Coach’s Eye for Android! Share Feedback

CrossFit Performance Tracking Tools In The Box

wodify post

Why you need to use performance tracking tools in the box

You show up to the box, you see the day’s WOD, and you do it. That alone should be enough to get you the results you’re looking for, right? Wrong.

You can’t improve things that you don’t measure, and athletes will never know where they’re going if they don’t know where they’ve been. These are just a few of the reasons why using performance tracking tools is so important.

First of all, what do we mean by performance tracking tools? One type of performance tracking tool looks at the analytical — writing that day’s weight and reps, and then noting how you felt about that day’s workout. That’s where software apps like Wodify come in. Athletes who belong to boxes who use Wodify can log how they did in that day’s WOD, monitor their progress over time, and feel part of the gym’s culture of accountability. While it’s easy to compare today and yesterday, it’s a lot harder to get a look at the big picture without a tracking system.

The other part of performance tracking is visual. Software apps like Coach’s Eye can help you see faults in your lifts or reps that you didn’t feel on your own. This is especially true in environments like CrossFit gyms, where there are famously no mirrors. A coach can tell you to shrug your shoulders more, but sometimes a visual is what you need to really understand how to make that change.

Helping improve athlete performance is one reason to use performance tracking tools. Here are three more:

  1. Get to know the athletes at your gym. Whether written or visual, performance tracking tools help you get to know the people at your gym. These apps can be used at home, at work, or on the go — ensuring you’re never too far away from being able to see others’ progress.
  2. See if your programming is working for you. With performance tracking tools, you can tell if one week’s programming made you feel strong while another week burned you out. You’ll be able to see patterns in your performance, and adjust your training accordingly.
  3. Think outside the box. Training doesn’t happen just inside the box. It’s about what you eat, how much drink, how many hours you dedicate to catching some z’s. Maybe you don’t drink enough water over the weekends and every Monday you feel that the WOD is extra difficult. Track it. Maybe you had a great few days of eating, and it showed through your performance? Track it.

You won’t be able to optimize your training without performance tracking, and these tools make it simple and quick to do so. What changes have you noticed in your performance since you started tracking?


CrossFit Talon and Jenny Lutkins Snatch Week Featured Box and Athlete

We caught up with Jenny Lutkins a masters athlete from CrossFit Talon in Franklin, Tennessee. CrossFit Talon boasts some pretty impressive stats. Home to 3rd place Central East Regional finisher Will Moorad, masters athlete Dennis Cheatham who qualified for the games and owns CrossFit Talon with his wife Tara, and a newly obtained USAW affiliation. This box has something for everyone. It also has the space for everyone, check out their noon WOD!

Jenny has her own story as well, we fired off a Q&A and she opened up. Learn more about CrossFit Talon and Jenny in this #SnatchWeek feature!


CrossFit Talon Noon WOD

Coach’s Eye: When did you get into CrossFit?

Jenny: In 2008, I hit a low in my life.  I weighed over 240 lbs, was depressed, and was a new mom struggling to keep it together.  I hired a personal trainer and began to get my life back under my control.  After a few years and 70lbs lost, a friend thought I’d love CrossFit, and she was right.  I joined CrossFit Talon in 2011, and only great things have happened since.  One of the greatest of those things is learning to care more about the weight on the bar than the weight on the scale.

Coach’s Eye: Damn good philosophy. How long have you been competing? Continue reading

Jenny:  I didn’t even know what a snatch was two and a half years ago, but after learning the Olympic lifts, I decided I wanted to learn it all.  I obtained my USAW Level 1 Coaching Certification in December of 2012, and it wasn’t until this December (2014) that I decided to focus solely on Olympic Lifting in my training.  My first Weightlifting meet was this past February.  My second meet was the National Masters Championships in Shreveport – go big or go home, right?  Crazy enough, I placed second in my age/weight division and my total was exactly enough to qualify for the World Masters Championships in Copenhagen.  Unfortunately, that’s a little far away to travel for my fourth meet ever.  I’m hoping that next year it will be closer to home and I will have a more competitive total.

Coach’s Eye: What makes CrossFit Talon home?

Jenny: CrossFit Talon in Franklin, TN is my home away from home, my training facility, and my “office.”  We have so many dedicated members, some dedicated to staying healthy, some fierce competitors, and all I consider family.  CrossFit Talon is owned and operated by husband and wife team, Dennis and Tara Cheatham.  Dennis qualified for the CrossFit Games in the Masters 45-49 age group this year.  CrossFit Talon is also home to Will Moorad, who clinched the coveted third place spot at the CrossFit Games Central East Regional.  I cannot wait to watch these amazing gentlemen at the Games this year!  On the Olympic Lifting side, we just affiliated with USAW, and I hope to cultivate a competitive Weightlifting team from Talon Weightlifting Club. I am a little partial to my masters athlete, Ann White, who has competed in Olympic Weightlifting twice after only six months of training for the sport.  Our goal is for her to qualify with me for the National Masters next year.

Ann performing an Olympic Lift

Ann performing an Olympic Lift Side by Side

Coach’s Eye: What is one thing you want everyone to know about you?

Jenny: I used to be a recording engineer, and actually have some cool album credits, but lifting heavy stuff is way more fun than making records!

Coach’s Eye: Who is your coach?

Jenny: The man, the myth, the legend, Dennis Cheatham has programmed all of my training and analyzed hours of my Coach’s Eye videos (well, several minutes anyway).  His wife, Tara Cheatham took me to Shreveport and kept me from having a conniption before I even got to lift.  Those two people have done so much for me, I couldn’t begin to thank them enough

Coach’s Eye: What is your favorite movement?

Jenny: I love the strongman type stuff – sled drags, farmer carries, and just straight up back squatting.  I can move weight!  Now, ask me to do it gracefully, that’s another story.  I can never pick an Olympic Lift as my favorite, I guess I like whichever one I set a PR on that day!

Coach’s Eye: What movement do you struggle with?

Jenny: After watching my videos back, SNATCH!  LOL.  I really struggle with the gymnastics movements in CrossFit.  I just got my first kipping pullup during the Open this year, and I cried like a baby.

Eric Strahan Olympic Lifting Featured Athlete

eric_strahanEric is a young lifter out of Columbus with huge potential. His coach sent his information and he made the #SnatchWeek feature. Read more about him.

Coach’s Eye: Why did you start Olympic lifting? How long have you been competing? Continue reading

Eric: My mother was a lifter before I was, and our family went to one of her meets, when I saw everyone competing it made me want to join. I’ve been training since March of 2012

Coach’s Eye: What motivates you to continue the sport?

Eric: Seeing what people older than me are lifting and knowing that some day I could be outpacing them

Coach’s Eye: What is your favorite movement?

Eric: The hip shot on the snatch because that was one of the first things I was working on when I started lifting

Coach’s Eye: Who is your Coach?

Eric: Mark Cannella

Coach’s Eye: What is one thing you want people to know about you?

Eric: I don’t train to look good, I train to be strong

Coach’s Eye: What’s your favorite food?

Eric: Bacon!