Red Bull and Coach’s Eye: This is What Happens When Scientists Go Surfing

Surf Science

The goal of the Red Bull Surf Science project is not to revolutionize the way we approach surfing, or even try to elevate it to the next level. Instead, the objective is to further advance the technology that is being developed, and test it in the harshest conditions possible. If we can get this technology to work and produce credible results, we’ll be able to take key learnings and hopefully improve athlete performance, not only in the water but with other sports as well.  - Red Bull


iPad and Android wearable used to send and receive video.

Red Bull came to us early on during their Surf Science project with a few questions:

How can we connect coaches on the shore to athletes in the water?

How do we compress the feedback loop and give surfers an edge on their next wave?

What if surfers in the water could watch an instant replay of their last ride while still in the water?

What if coaches could provide video analysts to athletes before their next wave?

Using a waterproof wearable running Android they wanted to use Coach’s Eye on an iPad and send video to athletes in the water.

Oh and by the way, there is no Internet.

Josh Moniz - Chris Gallagher -Jake Marshall -  Surf Science - science - lifestyle

iPad with telephoto lens to record surfers far off shore

Over the next six weeks we set out to answer the questions Red Bull proposed. We developed a prototype that sends a video from Coach’s Eye on the iPad to Coach’s Eye on the Android device.

Jake MArshall - Action - Surf Science

iPad and directional antennas to send video to athlete and coach in the water.

Using a directional antenna the Red Bull High Performance Team sends video filmed with Coach’s Eye, to the athlete and coach in the water.


Coach and athlete review Coach’s Eye footage in the water.

Surfing is the the ultimate test of human will. Battling nature to express your creativity and spirit. Each athlete applies their knowledge of the ocean paired with incredible technique. It has always been a solitary pursuit. An individual conquering the forces of nature, alone. The salt and sea have been a impenetrable to technology. Limiting the opportunities for coaching and feedback.

Until Now.

Learn more about how Coach’s Eye and Red Bull teamed up to create this state of the art solution. 

Watch the video below for more detail!

Coach’s Eye 4.6 iOS Update

Coach’s Eye 4.6 Update for iOS 8

Coach’s Eye 4.6 is now available in the App Store for iOS 8 devices. You may be wondering why we would require iOS 8 for the latest version of Coach’s Eye. The answer is fairly simple, we need iOS 8 to provide better reliability and enhance a lot of the key features in Coach’s Eye. Hopefully you don’t have any concerns with updating to iOS 8, but please don’t hesitate to let us know if you do. We are more than happy to help out how ever we can. Now for the good stuff.

Coach’s Eye 4.6 for iOS Quick Overview Video

New Features

Super Slow-Motion Playback for High FPS Videos

Videos filmed at 240 FPS can now be played back at 1/8 speed during analysis. This will help you create some amazingly smooth analysis videos. Take a look at the video below if you need proof.

Record 1080p HD Video

We have added additional camera recording options in Coach’s Eye 4.6 (based on device capabilities) to allow users to choose the appropriate resolution and FPS for any given situation.

Video resolution and frame rate options.

Video resolution and frame rate options.

Pause While Creating Analysis Videos

Users can now collect their thoughts and then resume recording their coaching feedback at any time during analysis. This addition will allow users to create more polished analysis and training videos.

Pause while recording an analysis video.

Pause while recording an analysis video.

Coach’s Eye Ion Backup for VIP Subscribers

The Ion Backup functionality in Coach’s Eye 4.6 will allow the device to remain awake and uploading videos, while plugged in. This functionality will help coaches backup their videos and make them accessible to other Apple devices at the end of a long day.

Additional Features and Improvements

  • Import an entire album from the Camera Roll with a single tap.
  • Export VIP analysis videos in HD at 60 FPS.
  • Massive improvements to VIP upload performance and reliability.
  • Added new quick access action overflow menu.
  • Only hide Analyzer tools / chrome when scrubbing or drawing.
  • iOS 8 related improvements and fixes. (Huge updates).
  • Fixed crash when scrolling large video library.
  • Misc. bug fixes and improvements.

iOS 8 and New Device Support

As mentioned earlier, Coach’s Eye 4.6 will only be available for devices running iOS 8.0 and above. Moving to the latest iOS version will allow us to introduce new features and optimize existing functionality. The app has also been updated to support the new Apple devices. Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns.

Download the Coach’s Eye 4.6 Update

Why You Should Treat Every Game Like it’s Halloween

Play after play, athletes around the world go head-on into the unknown. They test the definition of what is humanly possible. At every pitch, hit, shot or catch, they leave us speechless, as we bear witness.

While the fans in the stands may be dazzled by the physical nature of these feats, elite coaches and athletes see something even greater, true character.

Halloween is all about role playing. It’s about becoming something larger than life. Now is the perfect time to create your character…

Get inspired:


Beast Mode – To the man who has everything but wants more. When normal is not good enough and excellence is what you demand. You are truly a beast.


Warpaint – You may be fierce on the inside, but nothing shows your edge like some good ol’ fashioned face paint. Some say it keeps the light out of the eyes too. ;)


Tats – A mixture of warpaint and beast mode you draw inspiration daily from the ink on your chest. Represent!


Armor Under – Want to truly become larger than life? Strap on your armor every game and prepare to Avenge last season!


Evil Eyes – Speak without words. One look and you’ll knock ‘em down. Also, get a fresh set of contact lenses!

Athletes Who Own Their Character:


Mean Joe Greene – Uncontrollable on the field, he was a MONSTER!


Hollywood Joe Namath – He is still rocking that fur coat!


Richard Sherman – Intelligent, but DON’T YOU EVER TRY HIM WITH A SORRY RECEIVER!


Dennis Rodman - A hairstylists dream client.


Shaqfu – The master of disguise he changed his character so many times.


Rip Hamilton – Wore a mask. Every game….. Every. Game.


Birdman – Overcame adversity and transformed himself into Jax from Son’s of Anarchy.


Johnny “Caveman” Damon - Grew his hair and he didn’t care!

 Characters From Coach’s Eye

Zombie Ice Dancing - Ice dancing isn’t just for the living.

Hulk Pumpkin Shot-put - Hulk Smash!…Pumpkins!

Honey Badger Squat Clean - Squats aren’t just for humans!

How’s My Driving?

John Viau, Driver Educator, Bellows Free Academy Fairfax

Get behind the wheel with John Viau and you will quickly discover this isn’t your dad’s driver’s education class. John has been transforming his road-teaching methodology and entire classroom to put more self-aware drivers on the road each year.

The Setup – True Mobile Learning

Bellows Free Academy in Fairfax rolled out a one-to-one initiative throughout the school to improve student learning in the classroom. John originally looked at iPads as an opportunity to provide better instruction to students in his driver’s ed classes. He took a very literal approach to the concept of a “mobile” device and started using iPads in the car.

Mobile iPad Tripod Stand

In-Vehicle iPad Setup

John typically shows student drivers a skill, has them practice, then films them doing the skill. Each video clip is from 30 seconds to two minutes in length to allow students to focus on specific areas.

Replaying the videos on device was a good start, but John knew there had to be a better way for students to interact with videos. In his search for an app to help students evaluate their performance, John found Coach’s Eye. Bellows Free Academy Fairfax was then able to purchase copies of the app at a discount for all of the students in John’s driver’s ed classes through Apple’s Volume Purchase Program.

The Homework

While the initial video review happens in the car, the real assignment happens after the student goes home. Students are tasked with the homework includes performing a self-assessment of their driving by creating an analysis video on their iPads with Coach’s Eye. Students review their driving performance with telestration tools, slow-motion review and audio narration. This allows John to understand the student’s POV of how they think they are doing. Parents can also review the students’ videos to see how their child is progressing and where they need additional practice.

Future Plans

John is going to continue to leverage mobile devices wherever he can, and has already presented his findings and advancements in drivers ed at inside BFA and at education conference. Next he plans to film driving routes ahead of time and review them with Coach’s Eye in the classroom, before students ever get behind the wheel.

John’s accomplishments have prompted Bellows Free Academy Fairfax to look into using video analysis in other subjects and classes by installing the Coach’s Eye app on every student’s iPad.

john-viauAbout John Viau

John Viau has been teaching drivers education for ten years. John was rewarded for his efforts in 2014 by winning VDTSEA Teacher of the Year for Vermont. He also was one of three educators selected for the American Driver and Traffic Safety Education Association (ADTSEA) Teacher Excellence Award for his innovative teaching strategies.

You can learn more about John and his work at:

Download Coach’s Eye Today

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Coach’s Eye 4.5.2 Update for iOS

Coach’s Eye 4.5.2 is now available with enhancements and fixes for iOS 8 and the new Apple iPhones. Update now!

Record and Analyze Videos at 240 FPS

Coach’s Eye now has the ability to record videos at 240 FPS on the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. All Apple devices can import and analyze videos that were filmed at 240 FPS in the current version of Coach’s Eye.

Coach’s Eye 4.5.2 Update

Having problems with Coach’s Eye after the iOS 8 upgrade?

We have heard from some customers that have run into Restricted Camera Access or Missing In-App Purchases after they updated to iOS 8. We created a tutorial to help with some of the problems you may be facing after upgrading to iOS 8 or a new version of Coach’s Eye.

Coach’s Eye and iOS 8 Tutorials

Please be sure to take a look at the iOS 8 tutorial and let us know if you are still having problems. Unfortunately, we can’t respond to any comments or questions that are left in App Store reviews.

Coach’s Eye Support and Feedback

Big THANK YOU to all the Coach’s Eye customers that support the app and our team every day! We couldn’t do this without your passion and excitement for Coach’s Eye and your craft.


iOS 8 and Coach’s Eye Problems Solved

We appreciate and value every single Coach’s Eye customer and do our best to prepare for every new device and operating system version that comes our way. However, sometimes we get a few wicked curveballs when we are expecting a fastball down the center of the plate. iOS 8 has thrown some dirty pitches at us, but we stood in there and got the ball in play. Now for the details and result of the baseball analogy. We created some tutorials that should help you with some of the recent issues that you may have faced with Coach’s Eye and iOS 8.

Camera Access and Privacy Settings

Many of you may feel like you lost the ability to record videos with Coach’s Eye after upgrading to iOS 8. Don’t worry, you can still record videos with the app by giving permission in your settings. iOS 8 introduced a new privacy setting for apps that want to use the device camera. This applies to all new iOS 8 users, even if you have previously used the Coach’s Eye camera. The tutorial below shows you where to find the camera access setting.

Camera Access in Coach's Eye

Camera Access in Coach’s Eye

Lost In-App Purchases

Did you have your Coach’s Eye in-app purchases disappear after you updated to iOS 8 or a newer version of the app? When you update your operating system, update Coach’s Eye, or are looking for the tools on another device that you use with the same account, you will need to restore your In-App Purchases. The screenshot below shows you how to get your tools back

Restoring Coach's Eye Purchases

Restoring Coach’s Eye Purchases

Recording video at 240 FPS on iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus

Coach’s Eye wasn’t able to take advantage of the fancy new camera in the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus when they were made publicly available. In fact, new device owners were only presented with the option of 30 FPS. We immediately made adjustments in the app to allow new phone owners to capture a remarkable 240 FPS and have an update available! Make sure you update Coach’s Eye 4.5.2 in the App Store to take advantage of this new functionality.

Video: 240 FPS on iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus

Coach’s Eye 4.5.2 Update

Please don’t hesitate to let us know if you are experiencing any issues with the app and iOS 8 that aren’t covered above.

Thank you to all the Coach’s Eye customers that support us and the app every day! We couldn’t do this without your passion and excitement for the app and your craft. Don’t forget to leave us a review in the App Store if you feel like we are doing a good job with the app. It definitely helps to boost the team that is working on this every day and night.

Coach’s Eye for Windows Phone Now Available!

We are happy to introduce Windows Phone as the newest member of the Coach’s Eye family! The team has been working day and night to bring core Coach’s Eye functionality to new devices worldwide. Our plan is to continue to add more of the great features we have in our other versions very soon. In the meantime, check it out and let us know what you think.

Coach's Eye for Windows Phone

Coach’s Eye for Windows Phone

Get Coach’s Eye for Windows for only $1.99 until October 8, 2014!

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