The Puck Stops Here: Master Coach Marco Marciano

It’s The Little Details

Coach Marco Marciano has spent over 15 years coaching goaltenders. Currently he coaches with the Hamilton Bulldogs an affiliate of the Montreal Canadiens. He’s also been the Canadian national women’s team goaltending and video coach, winning a Gold medal in the 2010 Olympic games.

To him, as with many coaches, it’s the little details that matter. The finer points of the game that often cannot be seen with the naked eye. In early September of 2014, two of his elite goalies Marc-Andé Fleury and Jonathan Bernier, joined Marco for some pre season training.

Jonathan Bernier (Left) and Marco Marciano (Right) training with the Blocker Sleeve.

Jonathan Bernier (Left) and Marco Marciano (Right) training with the Blocker Sleeve.

Using his invention the Blocker Sleeve, a reactive training tool that helps goalies improve fundamental skills, he worked on some of the finer parts of their game before hitting the ice.

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On the ice, he uses an iPad Mini that provides up to 60 FPS video recording in Coach’s Eye. Along with a protective case and tripod, Marco slides the iPad around the ice to video specific skills he’s working on with the athletes.

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Early indications show that Marco’s offseason training techniques have given the goaltenders an advantage. Marc-André Fleury recently recorded a career high eight shutouts and the Penguins are an early favorite to make a playoff run.

Coming soon Coach’s Eye will have over 50 exclusive training videos of Marco Marciano, Marc-André Fleury and Jonathan Bernier for purchase. Sign up below to get notified when the videos are available.

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Coach’s Eye Updates – February 2015

It’s been a busy month for the Coach’s Eye team, but in the end we are happy to bring some great new features to you. Let’s take a look at what’s new.

Coach’s Eye 4.8 for Apple (iOS) Users

All iOS Users

  • Import directly from iCloud, Dropbox, Box and other storage apps. Tap the import (+) button in the upper left hand corner of your device library and add the apps / services you want to import from. SEE IT
  • Start and stop camera recording using volume buttons or bluetooth remotes.
  • Change the privacy settings (in-app) of videos that have already been shared. SEE IT
  • Auto-register a device if there’s a slot available.
  • Fixed issue that caused premium tools to disappear for paid customers. We are truly sorry for any inconvenience this likely caused.
  • Misc. bug fixes and improvements.

iOS 4.8 Quick Tip Video

PRO and VIP Subscribers

  • Share videos directly from your Coach’s Eye Locker, in-app and on the web.
  • Update tags and titles for videos already backed up to your Coach’s Eye Locker. Editing the title of any backed up video on your device will automatically be reflected in the cloud. SEE IT
  • Faster load times for access to videos in your Coach’s Eye Locker.


Coach’s Eye Service Tier Updates

Basic (Free)

  • 2 GB of free cloud storage for sharing your videos.
  • Share private unlisted SD videos (up to 2 GB storage limit).
  • Share public SD videos (up to 2 GB storage limit).

PRO ($5/month)

  • 25 GB of cloud backup storage.
  • Device-to-device sharing.
  • HD Backup.
  • HD Sharing.
  • HD Export at 60 FPS.
  • Access to Premium Tools.

VIP ($10/month)

  • 150 GB of personal cloud storage.
  • Device-to-device sharing.
  • HD Backup.
  • HD Sharing.
  • HD Export at 60 FPS.
  • Access to Premium Tools.

Additional storage available at $25/yr per 50GB for all plans. 


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Eye’ll Be Back: Arnold Sports Festival 2015


The Top 4 things You Need To Know

  1. For the second straight year Coach’s Eye is the Instant Replay platform for the Arnold Weightlifting Championships.
  2. The Arnold Weightlifting Championships take place March 5th – 8th.
  3. The Coach’s Eye Team will be there with brand new technology for you to test out.
  4. We’re recoding every lift for you so that you can compare your form to the best.

Want to meet up? Sign up here and we’ll be sure to make some time for you.

2014 Arnold Recap

Last Year’s Competitors

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